Some PDF documents are not indexed

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Some PDF documents are not indexed

Postby dnkz » Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:44 pm


I have some PDF documents (not all) that are not indexed in KnowledgeTree Community Edition (local install).

I got the following error message on the menu Administration» Search and Indexing» Document Indexing Diagnostics.

debug: Indexing docid: 23 extension: 'pdf' mimetype: 'application/pdf' extractor: 'TikaApacheExtractor'
info: Processing docid: 23.

debug: Extra Info docid: 23 Source File: 'C:\Program Files\Zend\ktdms\var\tmp/23.pdf' Target File: 'C:\Program Files\Zend\ktdms\var\tmp\kti6A6A.tmp'
error: Could not extract contents from document 23
error: Tika Extractor: XML-RPC failed to extract text.

Moreover, I tested these PDF documents on the trial of KnowledgeTree Commercial Edition and It works, the files are correctly indexed.

Could you please give me your feedback on this issue?

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